Django Tip | Encrypting objects in Django with secret key.

Django Tip | Encrypting objects in Django with secret key.

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Aashish Bhandari
·Jun 22, 2021·

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Hi everyone. Let's talk about encrypting data in Django.

Django has a built-in module called signing that allows you to sign data and then also unsign it. It uses SECRET_KEY of your project to hash so only the backend that encrypted can decrypt the data. There might be many use cases of this. I encountered the given situation recently.

"""An utility module to sign and unsign email."""

from django.core import signing
from typing import Union

def sign(email: str) -> str:
    """Returns signed email using Django Secret Key."""

    signer = signing.Signer(salt="Salty Thingy")
    enc = signer.sign_object(email) #also supports other types
    return enc

def unsign(email: str) -> Union[str, None]:
    """ Returns decrypted email and error if any. """

    signer = signing.Signer(salt="Salty Thingy") #salt needs to be same
        enc = signer.unsign_object(email)
        return enc, None
    except signing.BadSignature as e:
        print("enc has been tinkered.")
        return None, e
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